Bellissimo’s Boutique Hotel History (The Making of)

After multiple renovations, Bellissimo’s architect-owner, Linda Fossi, has created a haven in the garden district of Ajijic, the number one ex-pat community in the world. This 600 year-old, former Mexican fishing village has become the home away from home for thousands of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. With the opening of Bellissimo’s, the world now has a five-star, five-suite resort in which to escape. (Click to enlarge photos.)

Humble Beginnings

The creation of Bellissimo’s began back in 2004 when Linda purchased a very run-down, 1400 square-foot single-story home with 7-foot ceilings. Linda had a dream, although at the time she didn’t know it was destined to be Bellissimo’s. Her dream started smaller.

Two years of hard work and renovations took the original house from one story to two, and from 1400 square feet to 5500 square feet.

All of the conceptual planning and much of the labor was undertaken personally by owner Linda Fossi. In viewing the final product, it is obvious that the entire concept was a work of love.  In addition, after the remodeling, the property included a private casita.

It was not until June of 2012 that Linda had the spark to do something more. Linda had always wanted to live in a loft. It had long been one of her dreams. It now seemed that Linda was never going to leave Ajijic. So she decided to explore the possible addition of a third story, similar to a NYC or Paris-style loft. Permission was granted and her her second renovation began.

This was was to consume four years. Halfway through the process, the idea struck — since is was going to be over 7500 square feet now –why not open a five-star boutique hotel?



A History of Multiple Renovations

It was then that the entire first and second level renovations began in preparation for future guests. The Eco-Smart systems for hot water required all new wiring and plumbing. This was a major overhaul to four bathrooms and the major kitchen (the other bathroom and kitchen in the Penthouse Suite are on a Solar Water System). Walls were pushed out, balconies added, all new furniture was made, and all new bedding and linens were purchased. Each room had an added ‘mini kitchenette’. New lighting, all on dimmers, was installed. As a safety measure, Linda replaced all gas fireplaces with electric fireplaces. This kept the desired ambiance and added heat while it removed the risk associated with gas.

Linda took many new considerations into account. She added a Hydro-Spa to the rear yard. She also hooked up a propane fire-pit, and 18 new solar panels. This put 21 feet of glass solar panels in place for the huge swimming pool. Next, Linda added new rear side walls, making the entire backyard totally private. Special guests can even rent the entire house and make it a swimsuit free vacation with total and complete privacy!

It really does feel like someone’s home, tucked away in a mountain and lake landscape worthy of putting paintbrush to canvas.

We look forward to your visit and we will do our best to make it special.