Bellissimo’s featured artists are widely known for their strong personal characteristics. Paintings throughout Bellissimo’s use dramatic colors and themes. Most focus on captivating, seductive women.

The entire Bellissimo’s hotel is a tribute to great art, not just in the paintings gracing its walls. Owner Linda Fossi is an accomplished artist in her own right. She has applied her “artist’s eye” to every detail. The hotel’s color scheme, furnishings and accessories all exhibit Linda’s artistic abilities. (Click to enlarge photos).

Joanna Zjawinska

The paintings of Joanna Zjawinska’s transport us to elegant, fantasy dreamscapes through images that explore complex, passionate relationships.

She relies on strong compositions that reveal mysterious women who seek and demonstrate passion. Joanna filled her canvases with beautiful people … uniquely feminine, sensual, and seductive.  Additionally, her works incorporate aspects of theatrical scenery and voyeurism.


Tamara de Lempicka

Tamara de Lempicka, known as a favorite ‘artist to the Hollywood stars,’ was born in Poland and died in Cuernavaca Mexico. Owner/artist Linda Fossi did not know of the Mexican connection when she became fascinated with Tamara’s work, back in the 80’s.

According to Tamara, her goal was a distinct style. “Among a hundred paintings, you could recognize mine, she once said. “For my inspiration…I liked to go out in the evenings….and have a good looking man tell me how beautiful I am or how great an artist I am. And he touches my hand. I loved it! I needed that. And I hand many, many.”


Colleen Ross

The paintings of Colleen Ross do not grace Bellissimo’s walls. However, her work inspired the theme of female faces, theatrics and movie stars that can be seen throughout the hotel. In fact, Colleen’s artwork directly inspired six paintings done by owner Linda Fossi. Those six hang in the living room.

Colleen has drawn world-wide attention through sell-out shows, celebrity events and numerous charities. Her Colleen Ross’ signature originality combines campy playfulness with rock star attitude!