San Juan Cosala Hot Springs

Bellissimo’s is very lucky to be located only twenty minutes away from one of the best natural hot springs in all of Mexico! San Juan Cosala Balnearios!

Our natural hot springs are truly a crystal clean sprawling spa located right on Lake Chapala. The Balnearios has many, many huge hot pools, some just for adults and some just for children and some mixed. The temperature of the various pools vary from 94 to 104 degrees and there are several added attractions besides the many natural mineral pools.

There is also an amazing natural cave steam room, several regular jacuzzi’s and for an extra charge they have 8 separate jacuzzi’s each with different added ingredients ~ one has healing flowers, another coffee, another mud and so on.

For the young at heart there is a special mineral pool that has huge water park style slides and a high dive! There are plenty of changing rooms, lockers, and restrooms.

You can have special massages at the lake, relax in a tezmacal, have a special eucalyptus facial steam and you will be provided with a poolside waiter who will bring you water or beer or margaritas or any beverage and many menus from the various restaurants on premise so you can order and have your meal delivered poolside. They not only provide many lounges and chairs, but also covered tables for your eating.


Our package is very simple, we provide a driver to take you to spa, get you checked in and he/she will show you around, and then leave you to your day and pick you up again at the time you set. Once there, you can do as you please for as long as you please. They only thing we will need to do for you in advance of your day visit, is if you wish a massage while there, we will need to book that for you the day before. Otherwise, it’s a pay as you go trip.
You will pay your driver $200 pesos each for your drive out, your tour, and your return trip home. So if there are two of you, that would be $400 pesos to your driver. If you arrange to go with other guests, you can share the ride, but each person still will be required to pay the driver your $200 pesos. Just let your concierge know in advance of the day you wish to go.