Bellissimo's Tequila Day Trip

Bellissimo’s is proud to inform you

Guadalajara is the Tequila capital of the WORLD! And because of that, Guadalajara has an express train that will take you directly from their downtown train depot straight toward the town of Tequila.

There are many myths about this infamous train ride. The latest information states this (and we must believe…because everything in Mexico is … well, always changing … and without notice …. so you must be ‘free of expectations’ to truly enjoy the Mexican experience: The Tequila Express (or Tequila Train) is an experience worth having!

“All aboard the Tequila Express, the train dedicated to the world-famous liquor and the region where it is produced. This small-group tour takes you through the scenic agave fields to Jose Cuervo’s La Rojeña, the oldest distillery in the Americas, before concluding with a vibrant folkloric show.

Following your hotel pickup, get on one of the few remaining passenger trains in Mexico, the Tequila Express. During the 90-minute ride, you can observe Jalisco’s picturesque rural landscapes and the vast agave fields, the main pillar of the tequila industry.

“Once you arrive in Amatitan, make your way to the famous Jose Cuervo’s La Rojeña, the oldest distillery in the Americas. Learn about the process and different techniques of tequila production, as well as the history of the liquor. In the afternoon, indulge in a delicious Mexican buffet lunch with tequila tasting and enjoy an entertaining folkloric show with mariachi and traditional dances.”

The train usually leaves on a Saturday, sometimes Friday and Sunday, but not during the week. The ride is full of characters and Mariachis and TEQUILA! The minute you take off from Guadalajara, the Tequila starts flowing. Once in the town of Amatitan (where the Tequila distillery is located), you are transported to the Tequila distillery for your private tour ~ and more Tequila and you will be served a late lunch and usually treated to a special Mexican Mariachi band and dancers doing traditional Mexican dancing. All very alive and colorful…something to remember forever.

Currently, the price for that trip is $90 US ~ but always subject to change on the day you arrive….ahhhh…Mexico! We will make your reservations, but you will pay them directly. What we do for you is this: we will provide a driver to take you to the train depot and make sure you get your ticket and get on the train (no easy task) and then your driver will be there to pick you up when the trains arrives back in Guadalajara in the early evening. You will pay our driver directly. He charges around $400 pesos per person to transport you to the train depot and make sure you get on board and then be back at the train station to return you to Bellissimo’s.