Tlaquepaque is an exceptional town filled with exquisite art, jewelry, furniture, lighting, anything unique for your home and leather shops all housed in colonial-era mansions, turned businesses. If you find things you cannot live without, everyone in Tlaquepaque ships worldwide and they also custom make almost anything you can dream of. In fact, if you have things you’ve seen in magazines and have always wanted, rip out that page and bring it along…you would be surprised what you can get made in this town! And the PRICES…..amazing!

The town center is a wonderful place to sit and people watch, should your feet get tired before lunch. It has a plaza and plenty of benches and beverages to sip. It’s interesting to note, almost every fancy item you’ve ever seen imported from Mexico originates from here.This is a very pleasant day trip and includes Private Driver and Car. Going it alone, you will choose your own shops and your own lunch restaurant and pay as you go. This is not a difficult town to navigate alone….but if this is your first time in Mexico, I strong suggest letting ‘us do the driving for you’….


Tlaquepaque Represents

Exceptional Sculptures

Suggested Restaurants for lunch: Casa Fuerte or El Patio (both are located on the walk-street). This trip is strictly ‘self guided and you pay from your own food and drinks as you go.’

Price for your driver to and from is $50 US per person. He will make personal arrangements with you as to location and time for the return trip back to Bellissimo’s. You pay him/her directly.