Buen Provecho a la Bellissimo’s Style!

Because you are the reason we are here, we want you to enjoy every moment of your visit. At Bellissimo’s, your personal Concierge is at your service. In other words, whatever your need, just say the word.

Welcome Tray, Morning Coffee and Breakfast Cart

We think that should start the minute you arrive. We greet you with a Welcome Tray of fruit, croissants and wine. Also, at your request, each morning your personal concierge will bring by a breakfast cart with fresh muffins or croissants. They will leave the cart outside of your room door and gently knock. Additionally — although all our suites offer either a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee pod or a regular coffee pot and accessories — we will make your coffee for you and deliver it in thermal pot. You don’t even have to be bothered with making your own. (Click to enlarge photos.)

Concierge Excursion Services

Other services your personal Concierge offers include reservations and arrangements for any of our special excursion packages. For full details, open Concierge Services menu (above) and click on any of various Excursions. Your Concierge will handle all details for your trip and secure your driver. Note that side trips can also be arranged.

Concierge Special Occasion Packages

Bellissimo’s prides itself on our comprehensive and well-thought-out packages for special events. These include packages for weddings, honeymoons, romantic evenings, cooking classes, golf outings (with private caddy), kayaking and more. To explore a detailed list with descriptions, open Concierge Services menu (above) and click on Special Events. Just discuss your preferences with your personal concierge. She will make all arrangements for you.

Additional Personal Services

In addition to excursions and special events packages, your personal concierge will assist with tasks such as:

Booking a private in-room masseuse

Laying out your towels poolside

Readying your pool floaties and sunning lotions

Getting you wine or other beverages, fruit or other snacks

Loaning you sun hats if you forgot yours

Late Afternoon Cocktails and Appetizers

Usually between 5-6 pm, your host provides a “get acquainted” event, held either in the main house or poolside. At this time, you will be given a complimentary cocktail and appetizer. We hope you will join us.

Free Use of our Bellissimo’s Cell Phone While Away from the Hotel

Should you require the use of a local cell phone for emergencies while exploring town, Bellissimo’s concierge will be happy to loan you one of our cell phones, free of charge. It comes pre-loaded with area emergency numbers, our number, and taxi cab drivers who speak English.

Retire in Ajijic Seminar

Our comprehensive, all-inclusive Retire in Ajijic seminar package is designed to provide all the information you need to decide whether Ajijic is for you. For details on this five-day package and all that is included, open Concierge Services menu button (above) and click on Retire in Ajijc.