Tonala Day Trip

Tonala is an experience you’ll never forget. It is the town where most of the expensive items you find in Tlaquepaque are actually made….but you’ll never see that ~ as those places are secreted away from the main streets of town, and their doors are not open to the public. But Tonala has everything you might want, but on a much different price scale. You have to look through a lot of shops with touristy not-so-great stuff, before you come to a wonderful shop….but they are there and MUCH LESS expensive.

This town is a more difficult area to navigate alone; but if you are ‘a well-seasoned traveler’; you should be just fine. But remember, you always have the choice to have your trip Guided. Most people in Tonala do NOT speak English, but they will try to help.

Eating here is very casual. You can be very sure that almost all of the fish dishes are excellent in most places. You can’t go wrong with garlic shrimp and an ice cold beer or a Margarita! But if you don’t want to walk that far, then any little place off the street that serves food is usually going to have shrimp (you can’t go wrong with that) and beer or margaritas or cold soft drinks.

The only days we will not do a day trip to Tonala is Wednesday and Sundays, as this is their giant (and I do mean GIANT) MARKET DAY.

Price for this day trip is $50 US per person without a guide and buying your own lunch.

Optional choice: $75 US per person with a guide and lunch and one beverage at the famous Fish Restaurant at the edge of town.