About US

The architect owner, Linda Fossi, has created a haven in the garden district of the number one ex-pat community in the world ~ Ajijic… Bellissimo’s Boutique Hotel. This 600 year old, once thriving Mexican fishing village, has become the home away from home for thousands of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, and with the opening of Bellissimo’s, the world now has a five star, highly personal, five suite resort in which to escape.
Bellissimo’s provides a dual atmosphere ~ it is at once, upon entering the front door, peaceful and exquisite in it decor and mood and also, once you step outside, it is packed full of bright sunshine colored walls, full of murals and a one of kind hand-cut and hand set glass tile mermaid mosaic which surrounds three quarters of the poolside surface. You will get the sense that outdoors is just meant for fun and relaxation. Plenty of lounges, a Hydro-spa, the grand solar heated pool, and a copper fire-pit finish the mood.

The Memories

If anything truly defines Bellissimo’s Boutique Hotel, it is the value we give to lasting memories.

                    Romantic Atmosphere

Ajijic is the most amazing ‘alive, vibrant, and diverse village’ in all of Mexico! Truly, it is. I’m going to try to capture this town with words and photographs. I hope I can do it justice. I want you to feel it, to let it get under your skin, just like I did when I first discovered the Magic of Mexico!

                    First Class Boutique Hotel

Okay, so although everywhere you look there will be folks from the US, Canada, or Europe that doesn’t mean Ajijic has lost it’s Mexican charm…because that simply is not true. The colorful Mexican culture thrives and provides an amazing threat for all of your senses.

Detail, detail, detail!

Hydro-spa, the grand solar heated pool, and a copper fire-pit finish the mood.
The creation of Bellissimo’s began way back in 2004 when Linda first bought a very run down, 1400sf single story home with ceilings that came down to 7′. But Linda had a dream ~ although she didn’t know it was Bellissimo’s at the time. Her dream started smaller. But her vision, even then, was more than most. So she designed and built the first incarnation of Bellissimo’s which was only two stories with a private Casita and encompassed about 5500sf. The transformation of this single story 1400sf home into the 5500sf two story home took two full years of hard work and determination.
It was not until June of 2012 that Linda had the spark to do something more… Linda had always wanted to live in loft. It had long been one of her dreams; but as it now seemed she was going to never leave Ajijic (who’d want too?)…she decided to see if she could add a third story and create her own NY or Paris style loft. Permission was granted and her four year renovation started. Half way through the process, the idea struck (since is was going to be over 7500sf now), why not open a five start Boutique Hotel?

Ajijic Bellissimos Boutique Hotel B&B

Bellissimos Boutique Hotel B&B as seen from the street

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