Retire in Ajijic - Everything you wanted to know about moving to Mexico.

This comprehensive, all-inclusive seminar package is offered three times annually. Most of all, it is designed to provide all the information you need to decide whether Ajijic is for you. Should you want to invest or move, this seminar ensures an easy transition.

The program was created by Bellissimo’s owner Linda Fossi. Being a top Realtor in Ajijic since 2004, the subject material is well within Linda’s realm of expertise. In addition she has designed and/or built or remodeled five homes for clients and three for herself … including the one you are staying in.

Bellissimo’s 5-day package is comparable to another 6-7 day package offered elsewhere. However, you will receive all the correct, up-to-date information you need in five days. A personalized tour of many homes in Ajijic is included. You will even have some time for yourselves.

Furthermore, should you wish to extend your stay and further explore the area, we offer a 25% discount for up to an additional week on your room.

In-Depth Seminar Topics

Your 5-day, in-depth package will include a bound informative notebook, and discussion of the topics below. All represent vital information you would need should you consider moving to Lakeside in Mexico.

Why Choose Ajijic

Medical Insurance in Mexico

Health Care Insurance

Car Insurance

Collect your SS and SSD/SSI While Living in Mexico

Medical Tourism

Step-by-Step Process to Buy Property at Lakeside

Building a Home at Lakeside

Hiring Staff and Paying Them

National Holidays and Festivals

How You Receive and Pay Your Monthly Bills

Property Taxes and Water Bills

How The Phone and Internet Work Here

Getting Your Car Into Mexico

Transporting Your Possessions Into Mexico

Bringing Your Pets Here

Doing Business in Ajijic; Finding Workers


Driving Here

Expert Presentations

Learn from these presentations by experts in the following areas:

Immigration Attorney (getting your Temporary or Permanent Visas)

Health Care by Local Doctors, including Dentist

Health Insurance Options

Car Insurance

A Notario (Legal Real Estate Attorney)

A Builder/Architect

A Banker

A Hair Dresser and Masseuse

A Moving Company

Home Tours

Finally, enjoy fascinating, customized home tours scattered throughout the 5-day package. You will see many homes in many prices ranges in many areas. This will give you a good idea of what a dollar buys here in Ajijic in desirable, safe, comfortable areas.

Additionally We Include …

We serve on-premises lunch, snacks and beverages during the five-day seminar. The first and last days will also include an on-site dinner. For the other three dinners, you will be given a voucher to some of Ajijic’s finest restaurants. (Coffee, tea or a soft drink is included in the voucher. Alcoholic beverages or additional, non-voucher food items will be on your own tab).

Costs and Discounts

The price for this full package is $1000-$1500 per person (depending on accommodations) payable upon booking. This price includes double occupancy rooms for five nights, five gourmet breakfasts, five lunches, five dinners, five happy hours, snacks, countless seminars, customized home tours and a bound notebook with the printed information on all topics under discussion.

As stated above, should you decide to extend your stay at Bellissimo’s, you will receive a 20% room discount per night. Please contact us for further details.