At Bellissimo’s, we offer you, our guests, numerous types of packages to make your stay even more enjoyable and memorable.

Types of Packages

We feature Special Events such as honeymoons and other romantic occasions, culinary classes, golf outings, boating, etc. Additionally, we offer Excursions to fascinating area destinations such as artesanal centers such as Tlaquepaque and Tonala, the Guadalajara Historical District, the beautiful shopping mall Andares, hot springs Balneario San Juan Cosalá, and the town of Tequila, birthplace of the drink, via the Tequila Express train. Lastly, we even offer an all-inclusive Five-Day Seminar about living and investing in Ajijic.

Prices vary and start at just 200 pesos. You choose your preferences and your personal concierge will make all arrangements.

We invite you to read more about our packages by clicking on any of these categories.